Counselling Practice

Feel free to read these testimonials from Clients:

‘Thank you Rhoda for being a little ray of sunshine on every visit when everything felt so wrong and clouded!! Like so many other people out there I was so overwhelmed with stress, anxiety and the expectations I put on myself that I lost my way and who I was, and had bottled up so much emotions I felt my head was going to explode and nothing made sense… I felt so desperate and alone that I spoke to my gp who gave me Rhoda’s card, from my first visit I never looked back and I truly  enjoyed every bit of the journey, to being true to myself and my feelings… I have benefited so much from the sessions with Rhoda. Rhoda has great empathy and warmth and it was great to be heard without judgement. Rhoda has given me amazing tools that I practice everyday and it has brought me back to life i am no longer in the rat race I am truly enjoying the present moment and I can honestly say I feel so light and true to who I am with so much head space and in turn my everyday relationships are at there best. Thank you Rhoda’.    M.S.

“I had never been to counselling and didn’t know what to expect but the warmth and comfort of Rhoda and her office immediately put me at ease. Rhoda helped me get stronger emotionally which I can’t thank her enough for.”   T.M.

‘I felt at ease from the very first moment. Rhoda Made me think about what I was experiencing in a different way. She gave me the awareness and tools to think for myself and about myself with a positive attitude. She showed me that I am in control of my life, I now have a better understanding of myself and my behavior. Mindfulness in an invaluable gift that Rhoda has given to me’.   S.S.

‘Life was ticking along nicely for me 6 months ago.  I was enjoying my maternity leave and grateful for all the goodness life had given me along the way.  Very suddenly, in fact almost overnight, I found myself spiralling into a very low place due to an extraordinary stress placed upon me in my everyday life. I was in a very bad way by the time I confided in my GP, who recommended that I give Rhoda a call.  From that very first phone call, I liked the sound of her on the other end of the phone. She was so warm and understanding and sympathetic to my situation. She gently suggested that I would benefit greatly from taking time out from the mayhem to ‘just be’.  These chats became a weekly occurrence for a number of months and offered me a safe haven whereby I could exist and feel comfortable to express myself without judgement or concern. Rhoda helped me to deal with issues one step at a time and didn’t ‘just listen’ but gently guided me towards a solution each time. The solutions were probably already in me, but I needed help to unravel the ball of wool that was my mind to find them.  Rhoda was fantastically gifted in this guidance.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a chance to ‘just be’ – it’s a luxury that most of us could benefit from in an increasingly busy and overwhelming world, but in times of stress and anxiety and dilemma, it’s no longer a luxury but a necessity. Thank you Rhoda’.     K.B.

‘My experience with Rhoda was a very positive one. I enjoyed my visits and was made feel very welcome and comfortable every time. My healing with the help of Rhoda was very spiritual and helped me to realise my own potential. I have not  looked back and know that if I need a boost that I can call Rhoda anytime within reason, I will be ever grateful for the day i walked into the door….. ‘.   D.L.

‘Making that call to my GP was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was given Rhoda’s number & made contact straight away. Rhoda sounded very approachable & easy to speak to from the get go. We set up our first appointment & the rest was a journey into my deepest thoughts…….I had been overwhelmed with life & recent bereavement & personal illness (now recovered) & with some family relationship problems so where did I start…..that was the funny thing. What I thought was the most important issue was set aside as I had to deal with more current issues at the time & it was just having that safe space to be free & feel. To say out loud what I was feeling, thinking, how I was ‘being’ & not be judged was so self satisfying that this appointment became very important.Rhoda gave me the space to do all this & helped me to see that I had the tools to deal with all these issues & how to adapt to others around me & how to protect myself around people who made me feel bad about myself.

A year & a half later I’m doing really well, managing to use the tools I possess to keep myself in a good safe place emotionally & psychologically. Rhoda has helped me to work through all the issues to help me realise the tools I need to keep my mental health intact.  I will always be grateful. Thanks a million Rhoda’.    V.R.

‘Thanks to Rhoda, I have learned to slow down and focus on what really matters in my life;my husband, my children & my family. We ourselves are the only ones responsible for our pace of life and for how much we cram into our days, our weeks and our lives. Thanks to Rhoda I have taught myself to ‘take it handy’ with life, to pause, savor and appreciate those moments that were missed in the madness before’. A.H.

‘Rhoda offers a very professional service and I would like to thank her for the Mindfulness techniques she showed the team at Early Buds Creche’.   A.H.