Mindfulness is a tool based in meditation practices that dates back centuries, it’s benefits are clinically proven in treating stress,anxiety and depression. It is an accessible way to look after ourselves in a non judgmental and gentle way.

Mindfulness was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn ,he created the MBSR . Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. This is an 8 week course with various different Mindfulness practices which help create calm, increase awareness of ourselves where we can learn how to look after ourselves better. He further went on to develop Mindfulness based C.B.T. combining two effective and evidence based treatments. Mindfulness is now a very popular resource that people all over the world are using, including schools!

I experience many clients working from their head,over thinking and worrying and doing what the think they ‘should’ be doing. Often we loose contact with how we truly feel about things and we don’t include these feelings in our choices or how we look after ourselves. The link to how we are feeling has been lost and our heads are now in charge and it creates overwhelm and stress.

To me Mindfulness is a wonderful tool to help us come back to how we feel,to become more aware of ourselves. To move away from the endless lists in our heads of what we have to do, and to return to how are we feeling? If we can’t connect to how we are feeling, we have very little chances of truly and effectively looking after ourselves and therefore our relationships and our worlds.

Mindfulness is a very effective and popular resource that I use regularly with clients for this very reason. Of course it is not for everyone so it is at the clients discretion if they wish to include it in their therapy.

I also include Mindfulness in the Mental Health Training I provide, if requested. I facilitate Mindfulness classes, these will be detailed on my Facebook page – Rhoda Smith Counsellor.

If you have any questions or feel that you could use some of this ability to move from your busy head into a calmer way of being, get in touch for a private Mindfulness session or Counselling session. Ph: 086 1080886 Email: Rhodasmithcounsellor@outlook.ie.