Individuals and Groups

I provide training for groups and individuals to learn how to look after your mental health, improve your self-care and learn how to deal with stress and the high demands of life. These courses are to provide informative and helpful tips and skills in an informal and enjoyable way. There is no expectation or pressure to share any personal information, it is a safe and relaxed environment with plenty of room for a few laughs too.


Business Training

Historically companies health benefits to staff were only based on physical health, over the past few years it is becoming very clear that support for Mental Health is just as important to include and cater for. Many companies big and small are now trying to address this and are creating a workplace envirnment to reflect these changes. I facilitate training to assist in the promotion, improvement and maintenance of mental health issues in the workplace. For both employee’s in coping with high pressure and their own wellbeing and for managers who want to be of support and assistance to their teams and may be unsure of how to do this. Ignoring Mental Health issues benefits neither the employer nor the employee, I support businesses to address this and create a more supportive work environment to everyone’s benefit.



I also facilitate Mindfulness classes and Workshops as a very popular and proven tool to reduce stress and improve wellbeing. It helps in coping with Mental Health issues such as Depression, Anxiety and OCD, as well as physical complaints such as Hypertension and IBS. Mindfulness improves our awareness of ourselves and how we feel and therefore increasing our ability to take better care of ourselves. It also provides some well needed relaxation and a moment of peace.


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