Welcome to this page, I imagine things are difficult for you right now and that’s why you are here. Perhaps you are feeling very low or even overwhelmed and wondering if counselling could help .

Maybe you are experiencing:

  • Like you are being pulled in every direction.
  • Things are getting too stressfull and complicated.
  • Things are getting confusing, exhausting and overwhelming .
  • It feels like no one understands just how tough things are getting for you.
  • I’m sure you are holding yourself together very tightly and trying to keep going.
  • It may feel like you are shaking on the inside and are not sure what to do to feel better.

It’s a very tough place to be, I know that scary and emotional feeling. However here you are looking for help to find your way through and that is the first step and shows strength and courage.

Enough is enough,it’s time to get yourself some support and start feeling better.

How counselling can help:

  • A safe space to talk freely and reduce the stress.
  • Increased understanding of what is going on for you and what you may want to change.
  • Information and guidence to help you explore these challenges and how to look after yourself better .
  • A place to feel understood, supported and no longer alone in your struggle.
  • Gentle guidance to help you find, your way back to yourself.
  • Help to develop ways to manage your emotions in a gentle and positive way.
  • Improved boundaries and self esteem.
  • Improved resources to help you deal with life’s challenges.

I believe you have answers to all your questions and my job as a counsellor is to help you find them, in a gentle and respectful way.

People come to me feeling like they are in a hole, lost and alone, my job is not to pull you out and save you, but to climb down inside and sit with you in your pain. To help you find a way out, and I am with you each step of the way.

Be it Depression,  Anxiety, Bereavement and Loss,  Relationship difficulties,  Stress, OCD ,whatever your struggle is. My practice is a soft and safe place to land when everything is getting too much.

I am a fully qualified person Centered counsellor and a member of IACP, I have worked in Target Counselling Service ,Dublin and AMEN Support Services in Navan. I have many years experience and have further study in C.B.T ,Mindfulness, Sexuality, Suicidality,Depression and Anxiety. I have met and talked with approx 20 GP’s in Louth and Meath who regularly utilise me a Mental Health resource and point of referral for patients needing one to one support.

If you think counselling is something that could help you, please get in touch with me, I am happy to have a chat about how things are for you and book an appointment if you wish.

My contact details are ph☎️- 0861080886  📧- rhodasmithcounsellor@outlook.ie